Sunday, May 25, 2008

Alone In The Dark

After about a 7 month search and about a hundred different inquires I have finally found a really good Character Designer and all around fantastic artist in Canada by the name of Rich Lauzon. The funny thing is I have know about him for years and even own a few of his designs. If you were around a few years ago you may remember's Marc Spess & Rich worked on the first version of Zombie Pirates together... but sadly the first version never got completed due to unforeseen complications.

The first project we are working on is based on an old video game franchise called Alone in the Dark (AITD). I have been a huge fan of AITD since I was a little kid and the first game came out in 1993. the franchise is now being developed by french game developer Eden Games, and the latest game in the franchise (#5) is being released in late June. So I have decided to bundle the game with a sculpture the week leading up to the games release on E-bay. There will only be 3 copies made of each Edward Carnby (the games hero), one for myself, one for Rich and the 3rd one being auctioned off.

The sculpture will have a light in the lamp post and an LED in Carnby's flash light and hopefully a lazer in his gun, I'm still trying to see the lazer is even possible. after much thought I decided to have him be slightly cartoony mostly because I have such a short time to sculpt him in and with my demanding day job I don't get much free time.

Trying to decide on a pose was tough but I did a very quick Sculptural sketch to give Rich something to work with regarding Carnby's pose for the sculpture. We are still making a few revisions on the final design and then the sculpting will commence. Thanks for reading - Mike

Rich Lauzons Blog -> HERE

Alone In The Dark Website -> HERE

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