Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alone In The Dark WIP -> Sculpt Progress

I just started on the sculpt a few days ago due to complications. I had been waiting for the LED's to arrive and had not yet done so when I needed them. I need them to sculpt around so that I get a perfect fit when I'm making the molds. I did start on a quick sketch of the hands but quickly destroyed it simply because of it's size. Carnby would have been huge had I gone with that scale.

Once I got the LED's I started a new set of hands and then worked myself up to the head and have been there for about 7-8 hours now. I am using a buddy's new wax and so I had a bit of a learning curve to contend with. I have really put myself in a pickle in many regards now. I am sculpting with a foreign material. I have about $850.00 of my own money in this project. I have very little time to get through loads of work i.e. Sculpting a human likeness realistically, Molding, Casting, Painting. I have physically demanding day-job. Countless hours of researching and blogging. And of course the huge fear of flipping it all up at any second.... But I'm having a total blast!!! Anyway, here is Carnby as he was a few hours ago. Feedback would be great, Thanks for looking!


Richtoon said...

Looking good!!

Amymation said...

Looking awesome :) really nicely detailed.

Season Mustful said...

What a fun idea putting led's in! All those little headaches means that there's gonna be a big payoff in the end. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.