Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creating a "buck" and Mountain Lion watch

I'm trying to figure out how to make my own blister packages and this was my
first crack at creating a buck. I believe it's called a buck anyway, It's what
you have to vacuform over so that when you stick your object into it it fits
securely and doesn't want to wiggle around. I spent all kinds of time trying to
find someone who has done something like this before online but was never able
to find anyone to learn from. I made a few mistakes but I think this is going to
work. I sculpted this right over the resin cast so I was sure to have a pretty
good fit. I'll post more about this process and what it's for soon.

On a side note, I heard what I could have sworn were Mountain Lion roars the
other night, both from a mother and a cub. I could tell the difference because
they were right outside my studio door. The next day, I found these prints after
work, they seem to overlap just like a cat's walk would. These were right next
to my truck so it was a little nerve racking.

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