Friday, January 6, 2012

First Post of the 365 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello Everyone, I'm entering a blogging challenge with my good friend Jeff Lafferty and a few others. We are trying to go 365 straight days blogging about something, hopefully it will be related to art most of the time. I always seem to have excuses ready and never end up posting very often. This will be a challenge for me but I also think it will be motivating and fun. I'm sure everything I post will not always be the greatest but I invite you to to follow our blogs and please comment once in a while.

I have always wanted a area set up permanently for animation but I have always had very tight areas to work in and never really had that option until now. I have been trying to design and setup my first permanent animation area. So far it's been going pretty well. I want to be able to do 3d clay animation on it as well as 2D clay on glass animation. I am setting up the clay on glass rig now so this will be what I post about till I finish it.

I have also upgraded my website here and now have more options than I have had in the past. I hope to work on the site more and keep it fresh.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you decide to return, comment and keep me in line and posting.

Only 364 days to go...

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