Monday, January 9, 2012

- Ginger - Chicken Run Egg 1

Today was a very tiring day at work and I
got home late to top it off. I'm ready to pass out and I almost talked myself
into trying to take a small nap and then getting up in a few hours and posting a
blog but I know that probably won't happen and I'll wake up just in tome to
leave for work again. So I'm writing this now... half asleep.

About five years ago I found this really cool
and rare item on ebay and spent way more than I should have getting them. I'll
post a new egg every time I have a day like I had today and need a bailout post.
When I have posted all of them I will post the awesome package they reside in.

First up is one of the stars of the movie
- Ginger. Chicken Run is one of my favorite movies and if you haven't seen it
yet then you should definitely do so immediately. What can be funnier than a
WWII style escape film but staring chickens?

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